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Vancouver serves as a willing backdrop to myriad movies, tv shows, video and photo shoots. Sometimes, directors will even admit that those buildings, lanes and waterways are Vancouver, not Seattle, New York, Alaska or Bangalore.

Photographer Sarah Murray – who has lived here since 1992 – finds the Vancouver setting inspiring for both her art and commercial photography. “Vancouver is a veritable treasure trove of places and locations to shoot. The places and people I have found in and around the city have always driven my style of photography.”


Murray is ever on the lookout for new areas to explore, whether she is helping commercial clients find the right location or having her own “creative play” days, trying new techniques or, say, testing a new light kit.

Where are some of Murray’s treasured Vancouver locations?

1. Iona Beach
“It’s one of my favourite places,” says Murray, “where the Fraser River meets the ocean. It has a variety of environments and privacy for more intimate shoots. When I am there it feels like I can get lost in the moment, there are no distractions to take my focus away.”


2. Main Street
Murray lived and worked in the Main Street area for years. “The colours, the textures of both buildings and people have always captivated me and inspired many shoots and adventures behind my camera. Main Street provides endless entertainment, subjects, and people to photograph.”



3. Stanley Park
Ok. If Murray has to pick one favourite place in Vancouver, then this is it. “The scenic views, the mountains, the ocean, the foliage, the wildlife and the trees: a photographer’s dream come true. The park is very accessible and only minutes from the city. It’s fun to have raw nature at your fingertips.”



4. Beaver Lake
“My unknown treasure would have to be Beaver Lake within Stanley Park.” To get there, Murray and her subjects will trudge “through the majestic trees, with the light streaming through, creating another dimension to my work. This is why I love photographing portraits within natural environments. It allows room for magic.”



All in all, Murray is glad to be living and working where she is. “You can find inspiration just about everywhere.”



Written by Elizabeth Newton




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