Sebastián Maquieira. Lost And Found Gardens

i. Name: Sebastián Maquieira

ii. I am an:  Artist that works with  images, objects and words.

iii. The name, date, and location of my current exhibit/show is: 
“Lost and Found Gardens”, opening on Saturday September 10 at Monica Reyes Gallery. 602 E Hasting St.


Blue Forest


iv. In describing the show in 3 sentences or less, I’d say:
This show is a visual dialogue between trades and crafts from different times. It´s also a love letter to all the things I find in the antique books that make my mind travel far and wide.

v. In the show, you’ll see:
Thoreau’s cabin, a fishing boat, old maps, all kind of animals, plants, trees and insects, a Ferris wheel, an escalator and multiples human inventions.

Thoreau’s Cabin


vi. The inspiration for this show comes from:
The nostalgia of these old highways of knowledge printed like beautiful ghosts.

vii. My past work includes:
Hinges, megaphones, dusters, kitchen knives, golden chains and  black velvet to name a few.

Map Dreaming #10


viii. After this show, I’m looking forward to making a 1 month stop in Mexico and then going back to my studio in Chile to finish some new pieces of a series called “The silence of the Language” made of dismantled dictionaries. 

ix. Anything to add:
Thanks to Monica Reyes Gallery for this invitation, and come see the show!

Map Dreaming #9


Lost and Found Gardens @ MRG


Header Art: Sebastián Maquieira. The Boat.


Dominique Vincenz @ The Artisan Market


Lydia Cecilia @ First Pick Handmade

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton