Secret Selfie Garden Maze With Strings

If you visit Oakridge, you might be surprised to see a flower garden maze, smack dab in the middle. Kids are winding through, seniors are resting on the vortex benches and selfies are happening all around.

The Secret Garden will be up until June 26th.

If you would like to see a little mall-garden entertainment, Thursday afternoons are the time to visit. A Living Statue will be planting itself in the garden on June 15th at 3 pm.  At 2 pm on the 8th and 22nd, members of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra will present a String Preview.

The VSO has been increasingly active in their community outreach, bringing the show on the road and working with other artists. Speaking of strings, here is a lovely project the VSO initiated, asking four local artists – Cory Creed, Tiko Kerr, Shawn Hunt and Cathryn Jenkins – to apply their unique talents to rethinking a violin.

Written by Elizabeth Newton



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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton