Shiny Fuzzy Muddy

Are you interested in seeing some shiny jewellery, fuzzy textiles and once muddy clay?

If so, then be sure to visit the Shiny Fuzzy Muddy show at Heritage Hall on Main Street, December 10th and 11th. SFM is a non-profit collective started by Janna Hurtzig, Arleigh Wood, Frances Dickinson and Kari Woo. The founding four invite a select group of fellow artists to show and sell their creations.

“It’s a curated holiday craft show that highlights some of the best makers around,” says textile artist Frances Dickinson. “These are artists who are professionals, meaning they have dedicated their professional life to their craft, they have been at it for years, they are smart, savvy and amazingly talented.”

“In 2003,” Dickinson explains,” I started my business and did all the shows on the circuit. Some were huge, some were small but most of them were all over the place and not really curated. Myself, Kari Woo, Arleigh Wood and Janna Hurtzig, all from different mediums, decided that we wanted a small show that had huge talent. We hand-picked all the artists and the show was a success!”

Dickinson got her BFA in textiles and has been working to balance family life with her felting business. “I love textile design!” she says. “I have always loved the idea of making my own fabric, the ultimate in self reliancy as a maker. I love process, letting the materials I work with do their own talking.”


“When I work with wool, I don’t try to control the end result too much. The process of the wool shrinking and bonding is magical and the effects are constantly different. This is what I love. I am happy to let go and trust the process which will result in beauty. I become the curator, I take the results and place them accordingly into garments and/or accessories.”

At this year’s Shiny Fuzzy Muddy, Frances Felt will be selling her handmade Christmas stockings. She’ll have her sewing machine out, so she can personalize stockings for each buyer. “These Christmas stockings are so fun to make. They are carefree and so full of life. I believe in a handmade Christmas!”

SFM will also include a number of artists whom Creators Vancouver has profiled: Holly Cruise, Melissa Ferreira, Joanna Lovett and Claudia Schulz.

SFM Artists 2016

Written by Elizabeth Newton



Stocking photos – courtesy of Frances Felt

Frances Felt’s Site

Header photo – Ilya Viryachev. James Knight. Main Street mural.



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