South Granville Art Walk

Tomorrow, on June 17th, South Granville will be holding its 6th annual Art Walk. It’s a chance to wander up and down Granville Street, pop into multiple galleries, listen to artist talks and nibble your way through different, local snacks.

You can start south, at the Bau-Xi Gallery between 14th and 15th Avenue. Talented Canadian landscape painter, David T. Alexander will be presenting a new series of paintings –  Land and Mindscape : Perceptions and Sensations.

As Curator and Director of the Bau-Xi Riko Nakasone tells us: “David Alexander employs a wide arsenal of techniques to create his complex and masterly wet and dry landscape series : staining, scumbling, impasto and drawing are all utilized. What captures the viewer initially is the almost hallucinatory colour of the works and then upon closer inspection what enthralls is the surprising detail and layers of complexity involved.”

Obstacles in Vision. 2015

“These water paintings,” David T. Alexander says, “remind us all that our views of the landscape are always reflections – and they are fragmented and constricted.”

While at the Bau-Xi, you will be able to admire a floral installation by gif designed to compliment Alexander’s work and taste artisanal coffees from bump and grind.

Spend the rest of the day checking out a range of artists at a list of galleries that include Heffel Fine Art Auction House, Ian Tan Gallery and Kimoto Gallery.

South Granville Artwalk 2017

Written by Elizabeth Newton


Header Image: Spot Fires on Blue Velvet. 2017


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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton