07 Apr 2019

The Pink Stripe Building

As you walk along the seawall, from Granville Island to Science World, you’ll get all sorts of angles on a most unusual Yaletown tower edged with a long navy blue squiggle that passes over a pink then yellow then lighter blue stripe. This shock of colour in The City of

09 Mar 2018

Adea Chung

i. I work as a: Designer/maker under the name Billy Would Designs. ii. I do this creative work because: I love it! Getting to create your own designs and be in control of all aspects of the process is incredible. iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are:

19 Nov 2017

Janna Hurtzig

i.I work as an… Accessory designer, working with 100% recycled luxury materials including cashmere and leather. ii. I do this creative work because… I have been an artist/designer since 1998, so when I decided to switch from making my line of bags (Astrosatchel) to my winter accessories line (Winterluxe) in