29 Jan 2021

Palm Springs Modernism Month

Every February, design enthusiasts descend on Palm Springs for Modernism Week. A little dry heat in the bones doesn’t hurt either. The goal of Modernism Week is to celebrate the area’s standout midcentury architecture and design. From CAMP Central Headquarters, you can head to special parties, lectures, films, night or

02 Mar 2018

Palm Desert Architecture Tour

This year, in honour of Modernism Week, we climbed atop the double decker bus for the 4th Annual Palm Desert Architecture Tour. Funny enough, our tour guide was from Vancouver. Palm Desert, we learn, was about ‘the glamourous good life of Twentieth Century America.’ A string of renowned architects solidified the style known

11 Feb 2018

Pages. Manhattan Beach

You can learn a lot about a place from its independent bookstores. One of our favourites is Pages in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles. We spoke to Margot Farris, the Vancouver born and bred co-founder. What is it that you think makes Pages so unique? It is an independent bookstore created

21 Feb 2017


For many museums, a non-summer’s day means a peaceful wander around people-light rooms. It makes for a zen beauty experience, but it’s not too good for the museum’s bottom line. When we visited San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art this week, it was humming. There were teens co-listening to audio guides

19 Feb 2017

San Francisco Murals +

It’s not surprising that street art thrives in a city that has long celebrated creativity, rebellion and outsiders. We visited some great murals on our last visit to The City. SF Murals 1 And here are some more murals – and one pair of legs – that stood out on our