21 Jan 2020

Atsuko Yoshimura

i. I work as a ceramic artist. ii. I do this creative work because: I like making pottery that has both beauty and practicality. Unlike industrial mass produced pottery, handmade pottery can provide person to person contact. I believe that I can share my passion and aesthetic gratification with the

20 Oct 2019

Helena Jenkinson

i. I work as a potter, making small batch functional pieces, built by the hand, without the use of machinery.  ii. I do this creative work because: When using my hands to build and form, I feel completely connected to the material. The immersive experience of transferring my energy, passion

25 Nov 2018

Lynn Sea

i. I have worked as a potter for Red Pot Pottery for 20 years now.  ii. Personal qualities that help in my work are: I always make sure my work is evolving. All my work is unique and one of a kind, but every year, I try to make something

18 Nov 2018

Koerner Ceramics Gallery

When you visit the Museum of Anthropology, take some time to visit the Koerner Ceramics Gallery. The impressive collection was donated by Dr. Walter C. Koerner, a major force behind the development of MOA. Koerner – who lived from 1898 to 1995 – started collecting pottery as a child in

13 Nov 2018

Cathy Terepocki

i. I work as a ceramic artist/designer ii. I do this creative work because: I find meaning in it. It keeps on working out that I can do it and make a living from it. I count that as a real privilege and so I keep moving forward. iii. Personal

09 Nov 2018

Kathleen Tennock

i. I work as a Ceramic Artist ii. I do this creative work because: Because I started and now I can’t stop….I don’t even think it is a conscious decision, it is simply what I do or more who I am. iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are:

10 Nov 2017

Russell Hackney

i. I work as a: ceramicist/designer/maker ii. I do this creative work because… In one sense ceramics is in my DNA. I am a third generation ‘potter’… born in Stoke-on-Trent, England, home of the ‘potteries’. Birthplace of Wedgwood, Spode and countless other factories. My family still operates a pottery studio in the

07 Nov 2017

Fredi Rahn

1 I work as a potter. 2 I do this creative work because I love to make beautiful useful things. Working with clay is a complex multi-step process and I love all the aspects of creating pottery. 3 Personal qualities that help me in my work are curiosity, community-mindedness, persistence

23 Dec 2016

Julie Mackinnon

Grandma’s kitchen was a happy place for little Julie Mackinnon. “My Grandmothers’ kitchens were a place for baking and beauty. Mixing batter in colourful stacking Pyrex dishes, licking the cream from the beaters and having hot cocoa in Melmac mugs on a gingham tablecloth.  Lemon yellows and bright greens. Warm hugs

14 Apr 2015

Kate Wood

Even die-hard Vancouverites like to escape the city now and then. The Gulf Islands are close and offer easy access to gorgeous, isolated beaches. If you do happen to run into strangers, they may be combing through piles of smooth stones, looking for beach glass. Artist Kate Wood grew up in