02 Feb 2021

Rachel McKinley

i. I work as a Master Chocolatier for Purdys Chocolatier and an independent Confectionery Consultant. ii. I do this creative work because: Feeding people delicious things is one of the most fulfilling, joy inducing acts a human has to give. iii. A ‘typical’ day for me in the pandemic involves:

02 Oct 2018

Glenn Knowles

i. I work as a chocolatier and small business owner.   ii. I make chocolate because: I like making something delicious that is an affordable luxury to many people. I longed to do something that gives people some degree of joy. In my previous career, I yearned to do something

31 Aug 2018

Mermaids, Love Potion and Queen Cake

Gustav Von Mink is a busy man. He is ever thinking of new ways to feature his small batch chocolate: with kentucky bourbon and fresh mint in chocolate ganache, over bacon in hand speckled eggs, sparkling with mermaid-approved sea salt. Or how about some milk chocolate ketzels rolled through caramelized

29 Apr 2018

Art + Chocolate

‘Charlie Bucket found himself standing in a long corridor that stretched away in front of him as far as he could see. The corridor was so wide that a car could easily have been driven along it. The walls were pale pink, the lighting was soft and pleasant. ‘How lovely

13 Dec 2014

Geoseph Domenichiello

The magic is in the details. Look closely and you’ll find Geoseph Domenichiello shaping owlet eyes, dusting gold dust onto chocolate nuggets and calculating the most delicious balance of raspberry and Grand Marnier. Chocolatier Geoseph builds his creations in the Gem Chocolates kitchen. He and owner/fellow chocolatier Glenn Knowles have great