13 Sep 2019

Acacia Cresswell

i. I work as Designer and manager of Serenity West with my mother, and business partner, Sandra McIntyre. We both wear many hats in the business, sharing the creative and business aspects. ii. I do this creative work because: I want to create and promote beautiful, sustainable pieces locally. It’s important to me

06 Sep 2019

Sandra McIntyre

i. I work as the founder and designer of Serenity West clothing and home décor with my daughter and partner, Acacia Cresswell. ii. I do this creative work because: It’s a passion. I have always been interested in design of every kind. More recently I have been totally engaged in the

09 Aug 2019

Tara McNulty

i. I work as a Designer and founder at The SHOOFIE Company. ii. I do this creative work because: The universe somehow pointed me in this direction and I didn’t object. iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are: The ones I think help me the most would be