23 Feb 2018

Wendy Van Riesen

i. I work as a: ​textile artist; designing clothing as canvases to paint. ~ ii. I do this creative work because: ​I love to tell stories through sculpture, movement, imagery and colour.​ ~ iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are: Curiosity, humour, trust and boundless energy. ~

08 Aug 2017

Ellen Walde

i. I work as a designer and maker creating textile accessories and clothes in beautiful linen for my label Le Fil rouge Textiles. Le Fil rouge Textiles is a lifestyle brand that embraces the beauty of simplicity. Pure, sustainable, high quality linen is used to create chic and timeless pieces

01 Aug 2017

Bianca Barr

i. I work as an independent jewellery and clothing designer. ii. I do this creative work because: I am genuinely interested and fascinated by fashion. I’ve always been super particular about the clothing and accessories that I wear. I love putting together outfits and dressing up. The actual physical aspect

28 Jul 2017

Katherine Soucie

i. I work as a zero waste textile and clothing designer. ii. I do this creative work because I was born to do it. iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are patience, curiosity, adaptability and creativity. iv. The greatest challenges around doing this work have been having to create a

18 Jul 2017


‘The King is Dead.’ So ran the March, 1972 headline in Women’s Wear Daily upon the death of the Spanish Master of Haute Couture, Cristóbal Balenciaga. Balenciaga, who was born in 1895, was a tremendous influence to great designers who followed: Chanel, Dior, Ungaro, Miyake. ‘Balanciaga alone,’ Coco Chanel said,

14 Apr 2017

Evan Biddell

Did you watch Project Runway Canada? If so, you might remember Evan Biddell – self-taught, outspoken, superhero-inspired and winner of Season 1. Biddell has gone onto a thriving fashion career with well-received collections and ever-creative showings at Fashion Week. “People have come to expect the unexpected with my shows.” For

31 Mar 2017

Kamal Jit Q/A

You might have seen Kamal Jit’s sparkly dresses as you walk north on Main, past King Edward. This fashion designer has been in the business for more than twenty eight years. Her Show Off store has been at its current location for twelve. Jit creates gorgeous custom gowns for parties, prom, weddings,

05 Mar 2017

Paper McQueen

“I relate more to that cold, austere asceticism of the Flemish masters,” said the enormously gifted Alexander McQueen, “and I also love the macabre thing you see in Tudor and Jacobean portraiture. For me, what I do is an artistic expression which is channeled through me. Fashion is just the

21 Jun 2016

Melissa Ferreira

Adhesif Clothing is welcoming summer with its Kickback Kimono, Petal Blouse, Meadow Dress and Canopy Tank. These easy-layer creations are designed to take Vancouverites from the beach – sun willing – to dinner. “Something I’ve come to understand about the West Coast,” says founder and designer Melissa Ferreira, “is that fashion

24 Apr 2016

Paper Couturiers

For just one dollar and two Campbell’s Vegetable Soup can labels – Old-fashioned Vegetable, Vegetable Beef, Turkey Vegetable, you choose! –  the Campbell’s Soup Company would mail you this ‘smashing paper put-on’ dress in small, medium or large. It is likely the most famous paper dress ever made. The Souper Dress was inspired by