28 Jul 2020

Amartei Armar +

i. I work as a film director currently working in the Ghanaian film industry. I create various multimedia works such as short narrative films, corporate documentaries, music videos, and commercials. ii. I do this creative work because: I’ve always been drawn towards stories and storytelling. Stories are impactful. They shape

25 Sep 2016

Douglas, Jungen, Magor + Wall

They have been filming quietly around town: Hogan’s Alley, The Sea Wall, East Cordova, up to the Okanagan, back down to Kits Point. Curiosity has been surging and now, finally, the release date is here. PBS has just screened the Vancouver episode of their Peabody-award winning series: Art in the Twenty-First Century. “Art 21,” says narrator Claire

19 Jul 2016

Leo Zuckerman Q/A

Leo Zuckerman is an up and coming filmmaker who is already amassing awards and international interest. 1. Specific place I go in Vancouver to be creatively inspired. The seawall, especially when the weather is dramatic. 2. Best place for people watching. The seawall. 3. Someone from Vancouver – alive or