30 Mar 2021

Jehna @ Hilary Miles Flowers

i. I work as a Florist /owner operator of my own shop. . ii. I do this creative work because: I do this creative work because I could never see myself working in an office situation, never wanted to work for a big company with hundreds of employees and could never

06 Sep 2020

Ingrid Rose Floral Artistry

Natalia Solis Vermette i. I work as a: florist ii. I do this creative work because: Flowers are something that found me after many years of searching for what I can only describe as the missing piece of my soul. I rely enormously on the creative process of working with

28 Jun 2016

Natalia Solis-Vermette

Though she had a solid government job, Natalia Solis-Vermette was restless. For years, she had dreamed of becoming an event planner. “Alas, I continued on with my desk job,” says Natalia, “surrounded by grey walls each day, all the while wishing I had the courage to start my own events company.”

31 May 2016

Amy Hu

The sun is more reliably out, Vancouverites are walking the streets in packs and the flowers are on brilliant display. Be they bedding in gardens, fronting shops or glamping in bouquets, our flowers are in glorious bloom. Which flowers are people clamouring for these days? Amy Hu, owner and floral designer at

30 Jun 2015

Hilary Miles

Marion Crane: “Do you have any vacancies?” Norman Bates: “Oh, we have 12 vacancies. 12 cabins, 12 vacancies.” Hilary Miles has long been a fan of Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 thriller. “I love that movie.” She was thrilled when she was asked to bring her floral wizardry to the set

29 Mar 2015

Suzane Lee

Pink roses, orchids, peonies: the van was stuffed with flowers. Tourists at the Pan Pacific Hotel lined up to see these massively gorgeous flower creations make their way upstairs. The floral arrangements were too big to fit into the service elevator; twelve people had to angle themselves awkwardly on the escalator