30 Sep 2016

Monica Reyes Q/A

Monica Reyes is a vibrant figure in the Vancouver arts community. As Founder of Back Gallery Project, she is a passionate advocate for her artists, some of whom you will see represented below. Reyes and a talented group from her gallery attracted much attention at the Seattle Art Fair this year. Reyes is also

01 Mar 2016

The Special Agent

There has been a lot of talk about the X-Files over the last few months in Vancouver. Season 10, like the seasons before it, was filmed here. Resuscitated fans have been scanning the city for Mulder, Scully and new plot clues. FBI Special Agent Monica Reyes has been a hot topic. The

27 Dec 2014

Kathy Ramsey

They all come, handcrafted squares in tow, to sew together a quilt. It is a one-of-a-kind gift for Kathy Ramsey, founder of Gabriola Artworks. These artists are stitching to show their appreciation for all of the heart and hammer Ramsey has put into Artworks – a gallery that has showcased Gabriola