12 Jan 2021

Maria Batista

i. I work as a: Glassblowing craftsperson who creates unique glass art objects for the home. My work is inspired by bright colours, nature, movement, and playfulness. My glassblowing journey started in 2014 at Terminal City Glass Co-op, which is the studio I still work out of.  . ii. I

06 Dec 2019

Sonya Labrie

i. I work as a: Glass artist /Glassblower, designer, and instructor ii. I do this creative work because: Glass has endless possibilities and I keep discovering new ways of working with it. The medium is challenging and I enjoy learning and growing as an artist. There is a physical nature to

18 Oct 2019

Cameron Dougherty

i. I work as a Glassblower, focusing on barware and other sculptural and decorative items for the home ii. I do this creative work because: I find the challenge of working with glass to be extremely rewarding. It is a dance of heat, gravity and centrifugal force, as well as the

04 May 2018

Jill Allan

i. I work as an: Artist and instructor, hot glass is my primary medium. ii. I do this creative work because: I find it fascinating, I like the challenge and each project leads to another curious possibility…what will happen?? I love that when I am teaching I am always amazed and

08 Oct 2017

Tammy Hudgeon’s Studio

If you’ve been to a gallery that features Tammy Hudgeon’s glass work, you’ll remember the whimsy, the joyful colours, the attention to detail and the animal appreciation. When you visit Hudgeon’s Gabriola Island studio, you see that same whimsy and joy, from the edge of the driveway to the deep of her back room.

28 Oct 2016

Holly Cruise

There is molten glass, fire and human hands. No wonder people stop and stare. From out of the flames, hot art appears. “It’s not dangerous,” glass artist Holly Cruise insists, “if you’re careful and well-trained. Of course, it is fire and molten glass, so sometimes things break and you burn