19 Dec 2017

Laura Handford

i. I work as a silversmith ~ ii. I do this creative work because it feeds my spirit AND pays my bills. I am so blessed to have a lifestyle of making, creating, dreaming, and offering the results to  others! ~ iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are imagination,

05 Dec 2017

Joanna Lovett

i. I work as a jewellery designer and maker. ii. I do this creative work because… I love to create original jewellery inspired by nature that can act as life markers for the people who collect and wear it. While doing this work requires a lot of other business skills,

03 Nov 2017

Kat Cadegan

i. I work as a jeweller. ii. I do this creative work because it’s what I am naturally drawn to. I love the process and and the art of making jewellery. • iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work: I was a tree planter for 17 years. It

01 Aug 2017

Bianca Barr

i. I work as an independent jewellery and clothing designer. ii. I do this creative work because: I am genuinely interested and fascinated by fashion. I’ve always been super particular about the clothing and accessories that I wear. I love putting together outfits and dressing up. The actual physical aspect

03 Mar 2017

Sarah Mulder Q/A

A jewellery designer and a painter, Sarah Mulder creates her pieces in a Gastown studio. Mulder has been working full-time as an artist since 2011, and has developed an eager following who can’t wait to comb through her latest collections. You can find Sarah Mulder Jewelry in shops across Canada. On Sunday, April

24 Jan 2017

Hélène Bourget

“I do believe that there is an energy in handmade objects,” says jewellery artist Hélène Bourget. “The cookie-cutter, mass-produced items don’t have the soul that hand-produced items do.” Bourget puts great thought and soul into the jewels she creates for clients. “You are creating a piece that is significant to

25 Nov 2016

Laura Mark

It started with Daisy. Laura Mark, a graphic artist by day, had a much-loved Boston Terrier named Daisy. Daisy was rather a hit at the dog park. In winter, Daisy’s big brown eyes were set off by a pink collar, a pink leash and a pink coat designed by Laura.

11 Oct 2016

Moonshine Studio

There is something magical about artists’ studios. The creativity is thrumming – in the decor, in the tools, in the half-finished works and in the artists themselves. Here, at Creators Vancouver, we are looking forward to going behind the studio scenes to explore the spaces where artists do their work. We

19 Jul 2016

Anne Carson Q/A

Jeweller Anne Carson was our first profile on Creators Vancouver. Now, she is first in our Q/A series. We will ask Vancouver creators – some of whom we have profiled – to answer 10 questions.  Over to Anne! 1. Specific place I go in Vancouver to be creatively inspired. The galleries on

05 Jul 2016

Joanna Lovett

Did Queen Elizabeth I have you in her good books? You would have reason to be optimistic if she gifted you with a locket concealing portraits painted by Nicholas Hilliard, her miniaturist. Sir Frances Drake and Sir Thomas Heneage were two lucky recipients. Queen Elizabeth I did not venture out without