14 Jun 2016

Nina Turczyn

June is a special occasion party month: summer solstice, grad, prom, weddings. Maybe you got spruced up for a Tony Awards viewing? As we lay out our finery, we are often looking for jewels to compliment our outfits. How to find a standout piece that doesn’t require a Gringottian stash? People in

16 Jun 2015

Devon Thom

When it comes to making jewellery, many artists take pride in using the traditional techniques of yore: carving through metal with a saw, soldering, lost wax casting. Others revel in applying new tricks: 3D printing, laser sintering, even making intricate metal designs with the water jet cutter and its pierce-anything,

14 Apr 2015

Kate Wood

Even die-hard Vancouverites like to escape the city now and then. The Gulf Islands are close and offer easy access to gorgeous, isolated beaches. If you do happen to run into strangers, they may be combing through piles of smooth stones, looking for beach glass. Artist Kate Wood grew up in

09 Dec 2014

Anne Carson

If you are in search of a uniquely Vancouver view, this might be it. From inside a beautifully polished wooden houseboat, you look out onto False Creek Harbour as kayakers, sailboats and ferries totter by. It is the paddle-boarders who will stop and stare right back. If they squint and peer