20 Nov 2018

Diane Zwickel

i. I work as a Knitter (by hand, no machines!) and knitwear designer using only natural fibres. ii. I do this creative work because: I believe that shopping locally and connecting with those who make our clothing is changing how business is done. I especially believe we have to fight

03 Jan 2016

Allison Lau

You might see her early mornings on the bus, making that long journey to school. She is not sleeping, studying or getting lost in her playlist. As Allison Lau makes her way to university, she knits. And knits. “My commute is quite long, so I get a solid amount of

21 Feb 2015

Kelsey Adair

When Kelsey Adair was a competitive snowboarder, she spent a lot of time in buses: Whistler, Seattle, Kelowna. To pass the time, she and her fellow boarders would crochet toques to sport on the slopes. “Looking back , they were pretty ugly, bright hats.” Having studied fashion at John Casablancas,