07 Sep 2018

Lincoln Heller

i. I work as a: I Consider myself a bag maker. My passion is to create vessels that carry the most personal items of our everyday. ii. I do this creative work because: At an early age it was apparent that working with my hands would be my future. The five fingers

20 Jul 2018

Neil Singh

i. I work at: Joseph Henry Workshop, maker of bespoke leather goods. By day, I am a User Experience/Interface Designer and Artist for a Vancouver based video game company and have done so for 14 years. Most of this work is done on the computer and results in something tangible after

18 Sep 2016

Lincoln Heller

When Lincoln Heller started his fiveleft leather design business, he was working with an antique, hand-cranked sewing machine. There were no motors or fancy foot pedals to ease his toil. Heller would get a grip on the machine, gather his strength, haul down on the crank, and be rewarded with…one

01 Oct 2015

Nik Palmer

When people buy handcrafted bags from Palmer & Sons, they can be reluctant to break them in. These leather treasures are clearly the result of thoughtful design and skilled building. The latches, rivets and hides are just so. Must keep it perfect. Nik Palmer hears these fears a lot and

30 Dec 2014

Anita Jackel-Deggan

When Anita Jackel-Deggan was a child growing up in Hailer, Germany, she used to sneak into the local tannery to forage for leather scraps in their dump. She wasn’t supposed to be there, what with the toxic waste and all. But little Anita had a most specific goal: “I wanted