22 Feb 2019

Milstein In Toronto

Talented Photographer Jeffrey Milstein – whom we profiled in December – is mounting a show at the Bau-Xi Toronto from March 9th to 23rd. Entitled AERIALS and shot from a helicopter, the exhibit will include photographs of transport vehicles and iconic sites like Versailles, Times Square, the Empire State Building and the

11 Jan 2019

From Guilt-Free Chocolate Mousse to Churro Balls

“If you have a second dessert stomach” – Check! –  “this guilt-free chocolate mousse will definitely fill it.” So says Brad Hill – publisher and photographer behind the latest volume in the Foodie series: the Plant-Based Foodie Vancouver. This offering of delicious recipes from popular Vancouver restaurants follows his neighbourhood-based cookbook

21 Oct 2018

George Byrne

i. I work as: a photographic artist. ii. I do this creative work because: I honestly believe it was my destiny, from the very first day I picked up a camera I feel I was able to interpret regular things in an interesting unique way. iii. Personal qualities that help

12 Oct 2018

Shooting Roses

“When words become unclear,”  Ansel Adams said,  “I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” Adams is one of the renowned photographers we feature training their cameras on or near roses, real or crafted. Adams created his piece below – Rose and Driftwood –  in

26 Dec 2017

Boxing Up Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day 😀 Many of us will spend the day hunting down the last bargains left standing after the Black Friday to Christmas frenzy. But, way back in Victorian England, Boxing Day was about boxing up goods to present to workers whose toil helped more fortunate houses run smoothly. Those receiving boxes included tradespeople, milkmen,

26 Sep 2017

Ilanna Barkusky

i. I work as a freelance action sports and lifestyle photographer. Which means I will photograph and document everything from skiing and snowboarding to shooting for clothing brands and shooting some weddings and engagements in the summertime. ii. I do this creative work because… In high school, I realized that

28 Apr 2017

Sarah Murray Q/A

Vancouver photographer Sarah Murray is much in demand for her ability to capture character and mood. You’ll see her work in movie stills, portraits, food, interiors, travel. She is also a tremendous supporter of her fellow artists and the Vancouver Arts scene. This weekend, Murray will be showing her work on South Granville.

14 Mar 2017

David Hall’s Cold Sea

It is magic to peek into the ocean via snorkel or scuba. The colours, the movement, the loose boundaries between plant and animal life – stunning images stay with you long after emerging. For most of us, these underwater glimpses come during sunny holidays in tepid seas. We’re not slithering into wet

17 Jan 2017

Brad Hill

Carastan Malt. Caramunich Malt. Vienna Malt. Crystal Malt. ‘Crush all dark malts into a decoction kettle.’ ‘Crush pale malts into a main mash tun.’ ‘Sparge the mash gently.’ Any recipe that includes seven types of malt and the word ‘sparge’ deserves our full attention. We come to this recipe for

13 Nov 2016

Heather Ross Q/A

Chances are good you have seen some of Heather Ross’ work. She is an artist, photographer, founder of a boutique at 6th and Fir, stylist and author of The Natural Eclectic, a beatiful book that has been featured in magazines from House & Home to Martha Stewart Living. We asked