17 Jan 2021

Stephanie Geracitano

i. I work as a: Jewellery designer and sculptor. ii. I do this creative work because: Creativity is the pulse of life. It is my passion and purpose and as innate to me as breathing. A life without it would be bleak and meaningless. A full-time career in the creative

08 May 2020

Karyn Chopik

i. I work as a jewelry designer, and a sculptural artist working primarily in metal, wood and clay. ii. I do this creative work because: I would go crazy otherwise! It is a passion that must be expressed. My creativity thrives in the light but it also lives in the

28 Jan 2020

The Golden Tree

As you make your way past the tangle of condos taking root at Cambie and Southwest Marine Drive, you’ll see it: a headless, hollow, golden tree. A 43 foot tall golden tree crafted from fiberglass and steel-reinforced resin. It is the result of 6,000 hours of work from renowned artist

03 Sep 2019

Marie Khouri

i. I work as a Sculptor. . ii. I do this creative work because: I do it the way I breathe…I discovered sculpture later in my life and it has become a need to express.  . iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are: I am very dedicated,

06 Aug 2019

Giacometti @ The VAG

“If I ever succeed in realizing a single head,” 20th Century artist Alberto Giacometti said in a Swiss TV interview, “I’ll probably give up sculpture for good. But the funniest thing is, that if I were to do a head as I want to, then probably nobody would be interested in

25 Jan 2019


‘Soft fire makes slow melt.’ Artist Zhang Huan offers this elegant introduction to his mirror-finished stainless steel sculpture, Slow, installed in 2017 at 39 Smithe Street. The internationally renowned Zhang Huan  – born 1965 in An Yang City, He Nan Province, China – now lives between Shanghai and New York. ‘High quality

19 Oct 2018

Pressure Group 6

This may not yet be the most glorious October in Vancouver history. On October 11th, 1991, for instance, the temperature went up to 23.7 degrees Celsius. On Halloween night of 1984, on the other hand, trick or treaters had to contend with a low of minus 5.9 C. For the

30 Sep 2018

Henry Moore at Knife’s Edge

“I feel that I can best express myself, that I can best give outward form to certain inward feelings or ambitions by the manipulation of solid materials – wood, stone or metal.” So said Henry Moore at a 1952 address to the International Conference of Artists in Venice. “The problems

05 Sep 2017

Renée Lee Smith

i. I work as an artist, creator of beauty ii. I do this creative work because I feel the need to produce and discover who I am iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are patience, curiousity, acceptance, determination, honesty and practice. iv. The greatest challenges around doing this

04 Oct 2016

Laurent Craste

When most of us see a classical decorative vase from Europe, we think of crumbly mansions, royal tea parties and precarious museum exhibits. When Laurent Craste sees a classical decorative vase from Europe, he thinks of axes, icepicks, nooses and baseball bats. What did porcelain ever do to this Montreal-based