12 Aug 2016

Melissa Nkomo Q/A

Melissa Nkomo is a local artisan and entrepreneur who created Kunye, a line of small batch, toxin-free skincare products from natural plant ingredients. Here are some of her favourite things around the city. 1. Specific place I go in Vancouver to be creatively inspired. The Mountains 2. Best place for people watching.

04 Dec 2015

Melissa Nkomo

There was a lot that Melissa Nkomo liked about her job as a make-up artist. She spent the day chatting to people and, with a few swipes of her brush, transformed their faces. Clients would ask Nkomo for beauty tips and she was more than happy to oblige. What Melissa

18 Mar 2015

Theresa Edwards

Tread carefully if you are walking by Theresa Edwards’ kitchen. You might be lured in by the glorious smells bubbling up from her magic pot: cedar, vanilla bourbon, bergamot. You just don’t want to stumble in when she is adding all-natural lye to water. This caustic soda is well named.