19 Jul 2019

Mural Festival ’19

‘A young woman is drawing little foxes that start running as soon as created.’ Artist and author Johnnie Christmas is describing his striking mural at Main and 11th, a mural that recently found itself in The Washington Post. ‘As early as the Paleolithic Period as evidenced by the cave paintings

08 May 2018

Granville Island Art Smash

As you wander in and out of Granville Island this week, you can stop to watch talented artists painting murals under the Granville Street Bridge. Participating in Art Smash – a collaboration between the Island and Vancouver Mural Festival – is Musqueam artist Debra Sparrow, Spanish artist Ruben Sanchez and

08 Apr 2018

Spirits Of The Realms

If it’s your first visit to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza in a while, you might be surprised to discover a new mural on Beatty Street: Spirits of The Realms. Installed last summer by the City of Vancouver as part of Canada 150+, the mural was created by artists Haisla Collins,

10 Oct 2017

Luxurious Dreamscape Bubblebath

This 2017 mural was created by artists David Ullock and Douglas Nhung. ‘Finally finished up this collab mural with the master,’ wrote Ullock on Instagram. ‘This was both of our first mural, and the whole thing is freehand – no projectors used. I am ecstatic with how it turned out.

10 Sep 2017

North of Broadway + Main

We weren’t the only ones setting out with our cameras to check out all of the new street art, courtesy of the Vancouver Mural Festival last month. We would need donuts, of course, to gather strength for the trek. Our choice? Sweet Dickie donuts from Cartems – a September special featuring vanilla cake, a

29 Aug 2017

Douglas Park Mural

It’s a mural that was created in 2001, but it could not be more relevant today. It was, of course, created by young people. The Ethnic Harmony Mural was initiated by the Vancouver School Board Race Relations Youth Advisory Committee and painted by students. It wraps around the Community Centre at

04 Aug 2017

Vancouver Mural Festival 2017

Three days from now, on August 7th, the second annual Vancouver Mural Festival will start. Inaugural Year 2016 was a great success with its striking new murals, live entertainment and visitor hubbub. This year, there will be events and street art in both Mount Pleasant and Strathcona. The volunteer team are predicting that more than 100,000

11 Jul 2017

More Main Murals

Vancouver is busy gearing up for its second annual Mural Festival from August 7th to 12th. More than 350 artists submitted proposals and the committee has been working its way down to a short list. Once again, Mount Pleasant will be ground central. Vancouver Mural Fest 2017 In the meantime,

02 Jun 2017

4th Avenue Peacock

Proud as a peacock. Aristotle, Chaucer, Shakespeare, your judgy Grade Six teacher. Peacocks are rarely invoked in honour. ‘Why, he stalks up and down like a peacock – a stride and a stand.’ But, aren’t we just jealous of these feather-eyed creatures and their human-shaming courtship displays? Photographer Waldo Nell created quite a

19 Mar 2017

Beatty Street Mural Vancouverites

Who are some key figures in Vancouver history and how are they recognized in the city? You will find a selection of notable Vancouverites on the 2011 Beatty Street Mural, created by a team of artists headed by Vincent Dumoulin, Milan Basic and Manuel “Peeta” Di Ritawas. Captain James Cook. 1728-1779