19 Mar 2017

Beatty Street Mural Vancouverites

Who are some key figures in Vancouver history and how are they recognized in the city? You will find a selection of notable Vancouverites on the 2011 Beatty Street Mural, created by a team of artists headed by Vincent Dumoulin, Milan Basic and Manuel “Peeta” Di Ritawas. Captain James Cook. 1728-1779

17 Feb 2017

Mother Nectar Mural

As you are walking down the staid, grey blocks of West Hastings – legal offices, banks, passport basements – you will be struck by unexpected colour. It is the blue, yellow, purple and green of Mother Nectar, a mural by artist Jenn Brisson. Brisson, who has also had a fruitful career in

16 Oct 2016

I Heart

“My dream,” Vancouver street artist I ♥ says, “is pretty well to just travel around and put up my pieces.” He is doing just that. As you see in our feature image, we happened upon  I ♥‘s Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop man when we were in Soho. It was a whole new meaning for

09 Sep 2016

Snapshots Chinatown

Great-Grandmothers and Grandfathers offer chilling stories – their stories, their parents’ stories – detailing how horribly Chinese immigrants were treated in British Columbia, from the Gold Rush through the late 1800’s and into World War II. ‘In Chinatown, as in Old China, so many men walked about with scarred faces and limbs.

21 Aug 2016

Touring The Murals

Who are the artists behind all of these new murals? Why and how did they paint what they did? To learn more about the magic behind the murals, we signed up for a walking tour of the Vancouver Mural Festival. For a tour guide, we were lucky to get Pennylane

21 Aug 2016

@ The Mural Festival

The Main Street corridor is a whole lot brighter today. Thanks to the Vancouver Mural Festival – founded by David Vertesi and Gabriel Hall and supported by the City and community partners – Main Street now has more than 35 new permanent murals between 16th Avenue and Prior Street. On a sunny Saturday,

19 Jun 2016

Kits Path To Peace

Nothing takes the life and blood out of history than a few paragraphs in a textbook and a litany of dates, to be memorized by Thursday. We learn far more about war – and the urgency of peace – through the stories of soldiers, survivors and the splintered families left behind. The

12 Jun 2016

San Francisco Murals

If there is a list of cities with gorgeous street murals, San Francisco must be on it. The Mission District is particularly known for its rich collection of outdoor artwork reflecting history and struggle in the city itself, Mexico, Latin America and beyond. Diego Rivera, who painted three murals in the

22 May 2016

Marpole Mural

How many of these books do you recognize? How many have you read? These are book titles successfully suggested by the Vancouver public for READ ME – a mural now complete at the Marpole Public Library. It is a community artwork created by youth volunteers, artist Ashley Guindon and her team. READ

08 May 2016

Graffiti Alley

If you are a fan of graffiti, then peek into the alley that feeds onto Richards, just east of Harbour Centre. You’ll find a block-long mural, created by Cold World Media – an Artists Collective. It covers both sides of the alley and was started in 2005.   By Elizabeth Newton