08 May 2016

Graffiti Alley

If you are a fan of graffiti, then peek into the alley that feeds onto Richards, just east of Harbour Centre. You’ll find a block-long mural, created by Cold World Media – an Artists Collective. It covers both sides of the alley and was started in 2005.   By Elizabeth Newton

26 Apr 2016


If you head to 16th and Main and look North down the alley, you’ll see Gado, another lively mural from artist Ilya Viryachev. Viryachev was inspired to create Gado after watching a documentary on the cutting of Brazilian rain forests in order to enable cattle farming. Ilya wondered: “Can we find a way

10 Apr 2016

Murals On The Drive

If you are a fan of street murals, then The Drive is a great place to go peeking about. In their Drive Mural Project, the Commercial Drive Business Society has commissioned a number of Vancouver artists to create murals along this most unique of streets. Here is a sampling from the

08 Mar 2016

Ilya Viryachev

He started last November. If your daily travels take you to the west side of 8th and Main, you might have seen Ilya Viryachev. He was in the alleyway, evenings and weekends, rain or shine, painting a giant mural. “It is always daunting to be looking at the blank wall,” says Viryachev,

10 Jan 2016

Simpsons On The Street

Below you will find the first words uttered by one of the characters on The ever-running Simpsons. Do you know who it was? “Well, it’s no secret this city is under siege by a graffiti vandal know as ‘El Barto.’ Police artists have a composite sketch of the culprit. If

28 May 2015

Mr. Vancouver Is On The Mural

If there was someone who knew the people and places of Vancouver, it was Chuck Davis. ‘Mr Vancouver’ – historian, author and broadcaster – wrote about Vancouver in articles and in The Vancouver Book and The Greater Vancouver Book. He told local stories on radio, television and to eager audiences. Chuck

05 Mar 2015

The Dunbar Simpsons Mural

Dunbar and 41st is not where one would expect to find elaborate graffiti murals. Yet, there in the IGA parking lot is a colourful swirl of characters that includes Homer Simpson’s extended family and Moe the barkeep. Most improbably, these citizens of Springfield find themselves neighbour to Mother Theresa.  

19 Feb 2015

Beatty Street Mural

It has been a controversial site. The original block-long mural, in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre area, was painted over blue, prior to the 2010 Olympics. Many, including Vancouver artist Vincent Dumoulin, were less than pleased with the erasure. The public reacted and a new team of artists – headed by

19 Feb 2015

VAG Office Supplies

You see it as you walk from the Eaton’s/Sears/Nordstrom building towards the Vancouver Art Gallery. It is arms and legs outstretched – to music? In struggle? – and it is entitled Dancers. This mixed media mural on the exterior walls of the VAG is the work of Office Supplies Incorporated,