11 Oct 2020

Dana Claxton @ Splash 2020

From the age of 4 or 5, internationally acclaimed artist Dana Claxton knew two things: she wanted to be a filmmaker, and she wanted to live in New York. Check. Claxton – whose family reserve is Wood Mountain Lakota First Nations, located in SW Saskatchewan –  has also gone on

09 Oct 2020

Joseph Plaskett

“The art that I make and that I see others make confirms the miracle of being alive.” So said the Order of Canada winning artist Joseph Plaskett, who was born 1918 in New Westminster, moved to Paris in 1957, and continued painting until his death at 96, 2014 in Suffolk.

29 Sep 2020

Sheri Bakes

‘Listen to the Earth,’ a Sheri Bakes painting tells us. You’d think we stubborn humans would have gotten the message by now, but … Talented artist Sheri Bakes trains her eye on all manner of natural phenomenon to create luminous rivers, lakes, storms, clouds, forest scenes. All of the work

08 Sep 2020

Dina Goldstein

i. I am: DINA GOLDSTEIN ARTIST. b.1969. East Vancouver. I  photograph large scale narrative tableau. In my work I tackle the common (collective) imagination and inherent beliefs. I subvert iconic characters and dogmatic thought patterns set by societies and popular culture in order to promote critical thinking. I was a photojournalist

30 Aug 2020

Art In Progress

East to west, north to south, you’ll find artists painting their festival murals in neighbourhoods across the city. In this beautiful sunny weather, it’s fun to walk safely outside and watch these artists plot and paint their walls. The Vancouver Mural Festival app is helpful in showing you how close

28 Aug 2020

Kerry James Marshall

For we magazine addicts, the September issue has always been notable, particularly in the world of fashion. Just how thick will it be? What kind of new fashions will be featured inside? And, highlight, who will be on the cover? Vogue Magazine has led the way for September issues. So

25 Aug 2020

Guggenheim Bilbao

Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to visit Spain’s Guggenheim Bilbao. Perhaps it’s on your hole in the bucket list for a travel-friendly future. In the meantime, there is much to see of the museum online. The Bilbao had an instant, enormous impact when it was officially opened by King Juan

18 Aug 2020

New Arrivals 2

Art endures. Here’s a glimpse at more of the great work that Canadian artists are releasing out into the world this mad, mad summer. You can see work details and more offerings through the Bau-Xi Galleries, Vancouver and Toronto. . Cara Barer. Coloring Book 2 . Isabelle Menin. New Rome

11 Aug 2020

This Just In

Through the tumult of 2020, artists continue to produce wonderful work. Here are some of the New Arrivals produced by Bau-Xi Gallery artists in Vancouver and Toronto. . . Virginia Mak. Of One’s Own 14 . David Leventi. Curtain, The Imperial Theatre, Chateau De Fontainebleau, Fontainebleau, France . Andre Petterson. Shoreline

02 Aug 2020

Beautiful BC

Happy B.C. Day Long Weekend! Do you recognize this tartan? . . This is B.C.’s official tartan, designed by Victoria’s Earl K. Ward in 1967 and officially adopted by the province in 1974. Each colour in the tartan represents a signature aspect of British Columbia: i. White is for our