Classic British Car Meet

Some of us are throwing our creative energies into writing, strumming,  dancing, acting, painting, plotting. Meanwhile, a diligent and talented bloc of car buffs are using their creative energies to painstakingly restore vintage British cars to mint condition. They are scouring the world for original materials, re-building engines, re-drawing logos, re-upholstering interiors, weighing tire choices and perfecting paint choices, drop by drop.

This Saturday of the May long weekend, VanDusen Botanical Gardens hosts the annual Vancouver All British Field Meet. You’ll be able to inspect these lovingly restored beauties and chat to their owners while sipping tea and listening to local entertainers.

Here are some of the beauties we’ve seen in the recent past:

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British Classic Car Show 2019

Written by Elizabeth Newton




Keirstead Farris


Victoria Street Art

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton