The Chandelier, Mask And Door Shop

It now sits across from La Quercia, the much-feted Italian restaurant on 4th. After all these years, I still don’t know what it’s called. The facade says: Art Glass – Stained Glass and Doors. Another sign says: ‘We do all repairs.’ I have no doubt that this is true.

Nine, ten years ago, you would inch your way in sideways, trying desperately not to bash into the treasures that strained out from the walls, hung down from the ceiling and poked up from the floors. You would have to stop every step to crane your neck here and there, trying to imagine what was hidden four rows back from the goodies you could actually see.

Antique phones, crystal door knobs, First Nations Art, reclaimed chandeliers, historic kitchen magnets, chunky candelabras, ancient board games. It was all there. As long as The Big One didn’t hit while you were inside, you were bound to emerge with unique decor and – post haggling – good deals. Savvy designers and enterprising film crews might fight you for the best stuff.

Over the last decade, Art Glass – Stained Glass and Doors has undergone some major store-cleaning. You could now work your way into a four-point turn should the urge hit. There remain, nevertheless, unusual treasures to be had and assorted components to be resorted into creative home projects.

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Writing & Photos by Elizabeth Newton

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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton