The Crème de Cassis of Odd

For a sweet-toothed lightweight, alcohol is best if it comes in drams and tastes like adult dessert. The Crème de Cassis from Odd Society Spirits is a dangerously suitable candidate. It goes down like the perfectly fresh fruit kick you get at the end of a gourmet meal served on a candlelit rustic table in the middle of an orchard. Well, it happens in magazines.

The intriguingly named Odd Society Spirits is a small-batch craft distillery in a converted motorcycle garage on Powell Street. ‘The Odd Society is about experimentation, embracing change and celebrating our individual and collective oddities.’ That’s right. Take a few sips and the freak flags will fly.

Odd Society was started by the Scottish-trained Gordon Glanz, his wife and partner Miriam Karp and fellow distiller, Joshua Beach. Miriam serves as the General Manager while distiller Joshua is also the Production Manager. Their Créme de Cassis is made from BC-grown blackcurrants and based on the secret recipe of Master Chef Hervé Martin – the one-time personal chef to King Leopold III of Belgium. The Odd folk suggest we try it in champagne or atop ice cream.

For those who are up for a little more bite, Odd Society Spirits also offers Bittersweet Vermouth. They describe it as a contradictory blend. It too is based on an old recipe – this from an antique notebook. Their Bittersweet Vermouth combines 25 botanicals with a select BC wine and malted barley spirit.

Odette Visuals did a lovely short film on the Odd Society founders and their quest.

This Thursday you can taste some small batch spirits from Odd Society at the Eat. Drink. Play. fundraiser for the Firehall Arts Centre. The event will feature a range of local food and drinks alongside live performances throughout the Firehall building.


Written by Elizabeth Newton


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Elizabeth Newton