The Flying Pig

As a child, I cannot say I relished the long trip down to Save-On-Meats. The adults were delighted to be saving on meats. I, on the other hand, derived little pleasure in debating the merits of this chop versus that chop, these legs over those legs. What I did appreciate was the neon: the looming W on Woodwards, the beckoning orange of the A&N Boutique and, above all, the Save-On-Meats flying pig.

I’m not sure how the pig truly felt about what it was he was advertising, but he did look uncommonly kind. He was the creative work of a team from the Wallace Neon company and, in 1957, joined the more than 19,000 neon signs that lit up Vancouver.

Here’s a look at 1957 Neon City,  soon to welcome the pig. It’s a black and white excerpt from a BBC program entitled Living in the British Commonwealth. The colour is provided by Miles Davis and his Florence Sur Les Champs Élysées track leading us through the tour.



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Elizabeth Newton