The Mannequins Are Safe At Circle Craft

It’s not easy to be a mannequin.

Their lives start out promising enough, if you can see past the crowded nurseries, the presumptuous sanding and the plastic holding cells. Once released into the world, these sinless mannequins suddenly find themselves set alight in safety videos:



Tricked out with fancy electronics then thrown into peril as crash test ‘dummies:’


Or subject to unnecessary medical interventions:


This weekend, at least, some lucky members of the mannequin family find themselves in peaceful, holiday-themed digs at the Vancouver Convention Centre. What a refreshing change to be serenaded by flutes, encircled by homemade chocolates and swaddled in the stylish creations of Vancouver designers.

harry Potter Hat



cool jewels

Knit Pastel

winter white

If you have time today, go down to the Circle Craft Christmas Market to pay these mannequins your respects and to buy some of the wares they are showcasing so beautifully.

Written by Elizabeth Newton

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The Circle Craft Exhibitors


Jamie Evrard


Livona Ellis

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton