The Pink Stripe Building

As you walk along the seawall, from Granville Island to Science World, you’ll get all sorts of angles on a most unusual Yaletown tower edged with a long navy blue squiggle that passes over a pink then yellow then lighter blue stripe.

This shock of colour in The City of Glass is Finger Paint, created in 2018 by the Ontario-born, Vancouver-residing artist, Elizabeth McIntosh.

‘McIntosh’s process,’ gallerist Catriona Jeffries writes more broadly of her work, ‘involves culling images from a vast personal archive, and pasting them into digital collages of art history, doodles, past work, and personal references with the traces of the process left visible.’

McIntosh created Finger Paint – which runs 416 feet high and 30 feet wide over 43 storeys – on a touchpad. To brave the Vancouver rain, this pink, blue, yellow and black abstract image is crafted from aluminum composite with a high-performance PVDF finish mounted on pressure-equalized rainscreen panels.

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