The Pretty Things. Ginger Sedlarova

i. The name of this series of work: The Pretty Things

ii. My Name: Ginger Sedlarova

iii. I am a: Collage artist

iv. Four key words you would use to describe the series: Colour, contrast, geometry, rhythm

v. What inspired this work?
I had a really cool black and white geometric shape that I adored that I was trying hard to cram into my previous series, Palmistry. No matter where I placed it, it didn’t want to stick, just didn’t feel right. While I was standing over the unfinished palmistry panels holding this perfect, round shape in my hand, I suddenly realized that while it wasn’t working at that moment on what was in front of me, it would work really well as the basis for a new series involving geometric shapes and my ever-favourite women with heads of flowers and objects. It’s the shape you see in Today I Hate Everyone, encircling her head with the inside lines removed. I love it when one small image can inspire a whole new idea.


Ginger Sedlarova.  I Am The Makings Of A Bomb. 2022


vi. What did you discover about yourself in working on this series?
That these panels of colour and faces and what may seem to be random images are actually much more subversive than I originally realized. They may look like ‘Pretty Things,’ but these pretty things are on the edge of something bigger. What that may be is up to the viewer. In my mind, they’re strong, fierce women detonating with the power to even take up arms against an invading Russian army. That was the basis for such contrasting titles, to show that these weren’t just pretty women, but that they had potential for major impact on so many levels, as women do.

vii. Something that might surprise those who know your work about this series.
 That I consider these works involving women with explosions of images erupting out of their heads feminist pieces. Some people might find them somewhat misogynist, especially when I cut their heads in half, as I do occasionally. (Don’t ask!) But my intention is more to show the strength and intelligence of women, the breadth of our thoughts. For example, flowers, to me, aren’t just flowers. They’re representative of depth, of consideration for others, of energy and durability. The explosions of colour embody the intensity of our spirit. And so on…


Ginger Sedlarova. Should I Believe That I’ve Been Stricken? 2022


viii. What’s next for you?
Someone told me recently that I shouldn’t watch the news, that there’s nothing I could do about the invasion of Ukraine. I’ve set out to prove them wrong, that everyone can help even in a small way. I am working on collages that I will be posting on Instagram and my Facebook page to be sold to the highest bidder, and all proceeds will be donated to two charities that are helping Ukrainian refugees. It’s part of an artist’s movement that you can read more about on IG using the hashtag #makersforukraine. This fight feels intensely personal to me, as I both discovered Ukrainians in my family bloodline recently and am ashamed and horrified that my family’s homeland, Belarus, is aiding Putin in this invasion. (If you’d like to see or bid on these works, they will be posted soon at and

ix. Anything to add?
Long live Creators Vancouver and their support of local artists! And long live a free Ukraine!


Header: Ginger Sedlarova. Today I Hate Everyone. 2022

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