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Below you will find the first words uttered by one of the characters on The ever-running Simpsons. Do you know who it was?

“Well, it’s no secret this city is under siege by a graffiti vandal know as ‘El Barto.’ Police artists have a composite sketch of the culprit. If anyone has any information, please contact us immediately.”

El Barto – the graffiti mad alter ego of Bart Simpson – has clearly inspired street artists all over the world. Travel from urban city here to small town there and you’ll see Matt Groening’s Simpsons characters – Homer, Marge’s hair, Lisa, Mr. Burns, Grampa, Moe, Ralph – on lane walls and brick back entrances.

The Simpsons has been one of my favorite shows since the early 90’s,’ writes Shepard Fairey, a much-followed artist on the streets and beyond.

It was Fairey who created the 2008 Hope poster for Barack Obama. The Simpson’s 2012 Exit Through the Kwik-E-mart episode featured Fairey, along with street artists Robbie Conal, Ron English and Kenny Scharf.

fairey with el barto

‘When I was running my screen printing studio in Providence R.I.,’ continues Fairey, ‘my crew and I lead a Spartan existence consisting of long hours and a seven day work week. Our only recreational indulgence ritual was to stop work early Sunday evenings to eat dinner together while watching The Simpsons. ‘

In Vancouver, street artists have been inspired to draw Simpsons murals from the Downtown Eastside to Kerrisdale. Here are some excerpts from a long mural behind the IGA parking lot at 41st and Dunbar.

2 moesimpsons 4simpson family photo

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Even the most famously hidden street artist, Banksy, has been Simpsons-swept. He created a rather dark and biting version of an opening sequence for the MoneyBart episode.

Written by Elizabeth Newton

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* These were the first words ever uttered by Chief Clarence ‘Clancy’ Wiggum.


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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton