The Vintage Window Dressers

It takes a mighty interesting shop window to catch the attention of passersby. A+ to those window dressers who inspire busy commuters to stop, tune out the street ruckus and take in their tableaus.

The best-known window dresser is probably the outspoken Simon Doonan who, for years, designed the windows at Barneys New York.  Doonan, whose books include Confessions of a Window Dresser, wrote: ‘My exhibitionist psychopathology was put to good use by the Pressman family, who hired me after reading about my punky dead cat and coffin windows.’

Some of the most striking store windows and interior displays can be found at vintage shops. With a hodgepodge of products and far fewer rules, the staff can take all sorts of creative risks. You can see imaginative and quirky vintage displays throughout Vancouver.

1. Mintage on Commercial Drive

mintage 2mintage 3mintage 4


2. Salmagundi West on Cordova

salmagundi 1salmagundi 2salmagundi 3salmagundi 4


3. Front & Company on Main 

front 1front 2


4. Woo Vintage on Main 

woo 1woo 2woo 3


By Elizabeth Newton



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Elizabeth Newton