There’s Always More Show

And thank goodness for that! We’re big fans of Michelle Nguyen’s work. This up-and-coming Vancouver painter is attracting a lot of interest from critics and collectors.

Her newest exhibit – January 12th to 26th at the Bau-Xi Vancouver – is entitled There’s Always More Show, a reference to one of Nguyen’s favourite programs: Bojack Horseman. ‘You never get a happy ending. Because there’s always more show. Until there isn’t.’

In our last interview with Nguyen, she talked about Bojack. “The animation is a thin veil to talk about real intense issues that you wouldn’t be able to talk about otherwise.”

About There’s Always More Show, the Bau-Xi says: ‘Nguyen wields her powerful storytelling style for her own ever-evolving serial cast of characters. Recurring leitmotifs of birds, fruit, insects and smoke pepper Nguyen’s scenes, creating delightful openings for viewers to interpret and project personal meanings. Unfinished faces and half-formed languid, recumbent bodies hint at themes of metamorphosis and change embodied more concretely by serpents and half-creature/ half-human beasts Medusa and Leda.’

Tainted Fruit

You might recall seeing the beginning of this piece on Nguyen’s studio walls in our earlier feature.

Michelle Nguyen’s Studio

Agua Viva

Sparrow Season

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