Tiko Kerr’s Vancouver

“Vancouver has never ceased to inspire me,” says treasured artist, Tiko Kerr. “I love seeing the city from the water. I am intimate with seaplanes, freighters, the Esso fuelling barge, the North Shore Mountains, harbour seals and herons.”

Tiko is often commissioned to commemorate Vancouver landmarks and occasions. “I see myself as a record keeper; creating testimonials to how we live in this place at this time.”

Tiko revels in our city’s artistic community. “Vancouver has a huge creative community that far outnumbers galleries to represent them.” Our artists will often come together when they generously donate their work to local charity auctions.


“This not only gives me an opportunity to support organizations in a very real way, but allows me to escape the solitude of my work space and to know and be a part of the creative community,” says Kerr. ” This is how I came to know artists such as Jack Shadbolt, Tony Onley and Gordon Smith who demonstrated strong work ethic, prolific output as well as their generosity to enhancing our world through art-making.”

Wind Across Burrard BridgeBurrard Bridge Composition With BargeThe Great (Burrard Street Bridge)

Many of us love Vancouver despite the rain. Tiko loves Vancouver for its rain. “It refreshes our city and it allows me to focus without distraction on my work. The reflection of light on a wet street is always exhilarating.” But, Kerr is not a season snob. “In springtime, when Vancouver really shows off, it’s as if every year is the most stunning spring I’ve ever experienced. All of this feeds my work.”

West Up Hastings Street

More recently, Kerr has been creating pieces based on paper cut collages. Here are a selection of works from his Body Language series. Tiko recently showed his work at Art Basel in Miami.

Tiko knows that Vancouver will continue to flavour his work. “I will never be able to create the number of paintings that I capture in my mind’s eye. I have painted Vancouver for 3 decades and I plan on doubling that before I’m through. This exciting notion keeps me fully engaged and working. And it comforts me knowing I will never be hindered with a creative block.”

Written by Elizabeth Newton



Spring In Van Dusen


Portobello Spring Market

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton