Toasted Mallows

It is not so glamorous tottering through the mall with 3 toasted marshmallows on a stick. The man with the boiled wool coat and leather clutch veered clear into oncoming holiday mobs to avoid me. But, the gooey, charred lemon meringue, vanilla sprinkle and toasted coconut were well with the veers.

The holiday Archimallows pop-up is back at Holt Renfrew. ‘Marshmallow Craftsman’ Kyle Archibald comes from a retail background and that is clear in his stylish displays, rainbow colours and delicious flavours: maple, red velvet, egg nog, strawberry cream, black forest, gingersnap.

This year, Archibald has teamed up with illustrator Monica Smiley, who has created a special Happy Mallow Days box – black or white – to house a holiday marshmallow selection. Her hand-illustrated gift-wrap is also on sale.

with box

As you wander amidst the Holt Renfrew finery, you can nibble on your mallow of choice and listen to local musicians performing their own pop-up holiday pieces.

Written by Elizabeth Newton


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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton