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How would you like to trade a new condition CCM pneumatic exerciser rowing machine for a reasonable set of encyclopedias? Or a Smith Corona typewriter for either a sewing machine or $35? And, if you have $350 lying around, can we interest you in a Princess model, fully automatic linseed water softener?

These are just a few of the deals on offer by callers into the 1967 Vancouver Chan-Chek TV Show Trading Post, hosted by Ron Morrier. When the straight-talking host gets to your line, tell him what you want, give him – and every last listener – your phone number, then wait for the calls. Or, if you prefer to keep a low audio profile, send in your swap letter and Ron might read it on air.

Trading Post‘s Ron Morrier devoted 43 years to hosting Canadian broadcasts such as The Morrier the Merrier and All Star Wrestling, which he hosted from 1960 until 1981, the year he passed.

Morrier’s 1960s online trading show is certainly more interesting than reading through a lot of 21st century ads. How will callers value their offerings? What pictures can we paint of their lives as they sell or seek niche items?  ‘I’m desirous of obtaining a small knee-hole desk,’ one viewer writes, ‘not an antique of course, but one in good condition with I think three drawers on either side of the leg room and one long one at the top. Prefer walnut..’




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