Triple Chocolate Mousse Tricks

“Can I bring anything? Dessert?”

In my eager olden days, that would have meant rifling through cookbooks, sifting flour all over the kitchen and topping the much ado with a flourish of chocolate.

In my droopy older days, the bringing of dessert means trolling bakeries and sampling slices. One of the most reliable dinner contributions? Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake from Sweet Obsession.

This triply treacherous treat is dark, mocha and white chocolate mousse layered on a bed of chocolate chiffon. Pastry chef Mie Tanaka oversees all of the sweet obsessions, ensuring that they are made with fresh ingredients, real cream and butter.

triple poof

The Triple Chocolate Mousse also comes in individual rounds topped with signature chocolate swirls.

“That looks amazing! Did you make it?”

Written by Elizabeth Newton


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Ilya Viryachev

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton