VAG Office Supplies

You see it as you walk from the Eaton’s/Sears/Nordstrom building towards the Vancouver Art Gallery. It is arms and legs outstretched – to music? In struggle? – and it is entitled Dancers. This mixed media mural on the exterior walls of the VAG is the work of Office Supplies Incorporated, a local artist also known as Jack Staples.

Office Supplies Incorporated works with photography through collage and printmaking. Dancers was part of the Gallery’s 2011 exhibition WE: Vancouver, 12 Manifestos for the City. As the VAG wrote in their description of the project: ‘Utilizing collage techniques and large-scale screen-printed images on paper, the artist creates extensive murals that appear overnight on derelict buildings, hoardings, dumpsters and other surfaces in the urban landscape.’

Office Supplies Incorporated is a recent winner of the Contemporary Society of Vancouver’s 2014 Emerging Artist’s Prize.



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Elizabeth Newton