Vancouver Mural Festival 2022

The colourful strokes brighten our neighbourhoods: from Mount Pleasant to Strathcona, atop high profile buildings, and tucked down quiet alleys.

Since 2016, VMF has introduced new, public artworks to our streets. The work of creating these murals has attracted  local and international artists,  audiences keen to watch them work, and musicians and chefs to round out the party.

This year – from August 4th to 14th – the Vancouver Mural Festival is bringing in 50 artists to create more than 30 murals across 8 neighbourhoods. You’ll also find block parties, live tours, online talks, dance performances, and open artist studios.


Here’s a snapshot of what we can expect at VMF 2022:


VMF 2022

VMF Artists


Header Image: LL + CS


Itinerant Brownies


Joanna Lovett @ Harmony Arts

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton