Beatty Street Mural Vancouverites

Who are some key figures in Vancouver history and how are they recognized in the city?

You will find a selection of notable Vancouverites on the 2011 Beatty Street Mural, created by a team of artists headed by Vincent Dumoulin, Milan Basic and Manuel “Peeta” Di Ritawas.

Captain James Cook.

Anchored in Nootka Sound in Vancouver Island.
March 29, 1778


Captain George Vancouver

Made his way into the Strait of Juan de Fuca on the HMS Discovery
April 30, 1792


Col. James Clement Moody – Royal Engineers

Chose current site of New Brighton Park as a good site for a town
A plaque there reads: ‘Where Vancouver began.’


Sir James Douglas.

Fur Trader. Governor of Vancouver Island, 1851-64
Governor of BC, 1858-64
Called the ‘Father of BC.’


E. Pauline Johnson
A renowned First Nations Poet. Her Legends of Vancouver book includes Deadman’s Island:

It is dusk on the Lost Lagoon,
And we two dreaming the dusk away,
Beneath the drift of a twilight grey–
Beneath the drowse of an ending day
And the curve of a golden moon.

It is dark in the Lost Lagoon,
And gone are the depths of haunting blue,
The grouping gulls, and the old canoe,
The singing firs, and the dusk and–you,
And gone is the golden moon.

O! lure of the Lost Lagoon–
I dream to-night that my paddle blurs
The purple shade where the seaweed stirs–
I hear the call of the singing firs
In the hush of the golden moon.


Yip Sang.
Entrepreneur. Chinatown Pioneer. Philanthropist.
Built the Wing Sang Building.


Esther McCleery + brother Fitzgerald McCleery
Based on an 1862 Photo

Fitzgerald built the New Westminster-Point Grey Trail with his brother, Samuel.
First to farm on the Fraser Delta Lands. The McCleery farm = today’s McCleery Golf Course.


Sa7plek. Chief Joseph Capilano
A Squamish Nation leader, carver and strong advocate for First Nations rights.
Many local sites are named in his honour


Seraphim Joseph Fortes
English Bay’s first and much celebrated lifeguard and swimming teacher.
The downtown stretch of beach came to be known as ‘Joe’s Beach.’
1. David Oppenheimer
Entrepreneur + Vancouver’s 2nd Mayor.
Donated his mayoral salary + own land for parks and schools.
2. Charles Woodward

Founder of Woodward Department Stores
Was a Vancouver MLA

Angel of Victory Statue
Sculpted by Coeur de Lion MacCarthy
Installed Saturday April 28, 1922


With Deep Respect

Yvonne de Carlo
Vancouver born actress, singer and dancer
Moved to Hollywood and starred in movies such as Sephora, and The Ten Commandments.
Played Lily Munster in CBS’ The Munsters.


Red Robinson
Born 1937
Well-known Radio Host, DJ, Author and MC.
Multiple Honours and the Canadian Broadcast Hall of Fame.


Harry Jerome
Olympic medal sprinter + Sports Program Pioneer.
Named a Person of National Historical Significance.
Mary Lee Chan
Fought successfully to prevent a freeway that would destroy the Strathcona Neighbourhood and much of downtown.
Jimi Hendrix
‘Are you Experienced?’
His Grandmother, Nora Hendrix, lived in Hogan’s Alley where Jimi was a frequent guest.
Performed in local establishments.
Bill Reid
Internationally-renowned Haida artist
His works range from master-carved gold to Lootaas, a 15-metre war canoe carved from a single cedar log.
Previously worked as a CBC announcer.
Rosemary Brown
Worked 14 years as a MLA
Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission
Terry Fox
Athlete, humanitarian, fundraiser for cancer research

Inspired the country with his Marathon of Hope run.
Two internationally renowned artists.
1. Jeff Wall
Born 1946
Pioneer in Photoconceptual Art
In galleries across the world, such as MOMA, SFMOMA and The Art Institute of Chicago
2. Rodney Graham
Born 1949
Also a leader in photography, painting, music, performance

He has likewise exhibited in major galleries and biennales across the world.
Co-owner of Liberty Bakery on Main.
1.  Chuck Davis
‘Mr. Vancouver.’
Author, known primarily for his many books on Vancouver
His site – – was the photographic source for many of the portraits on this mural.
2. Brian Adams
Born 1959
Singer, Songwriter + well-regarded photographer
Like many of his fellow mural subjects, Adams has been awarded the Order of Canada.
David Suzuki
Born 1936
Geneticist, broadcaster, author
For many, the first voice they heard on sustainable ecology.
Host of CBC’s The Nature of Things 
Kris Krug
Born 1976

Photographer, Technology Mentor, Author, Entrepreneur
Krug was on hand to document the Beatty Street Mural when it was first created.rst being created.
By Elizabeth Newton
We are still trying to confirm the identity of a few people on the Mural. If one of your favourites is missing, please pass on the details!

St. Paddy Treats @ Granville Island


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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton