Virtual Museum Tours For The Socially Distanced

March came in like a lion. As COVID-19 claws its way through cities, more people find themselves in or on the edge of lockdown. For those who tire of the same old walls, dream of cancelled trips, or ache for a visual break from virtual work, several museums offer online browsing through their rooms and exhibits.

Some of these museums have built their own 360° tours, others do so in partnership. A sampling …

Canadian Museum of History

Canadian History Hall 360


Chateau de Versailles. Online Exhibits + 360°s

Versailles 360°


The Guggenheim. Online Exhibits + 360°s

.Guggenheim 360°


The Met. Online Exhibits + 360°s

The Met Online



The Rijks Museum. Online Exhibits + 360°s.

Rijksmuseum 360


The Smithsonian. Current Exhibits 360°

Smithsonian 360°


The Tate Modern. Ride through with BMX Stunt Rider, Kriss Kyle

Tate 360 via BMX


The Vatican

Vatican 360

Header: Meiffren Conte. Still life with candlestick of the “Labours of Hercules” series and two ewers. 17th Century. Versailles


Huckleberry Hand Pies


Chelene Knight

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton