While We Wait: Records Of Solitude

It is talented artist Kriss Munsya – born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, raised in Brussels, now living in Vancouver – who created the striking work in our feature image: ‘Dreams Tonight’.

When Munsya presents this or other pieces from his 2020 ‘Highway Reflection – The Eraser’ series,  he offers the following context.


‘He was road tripping with his parents and his older sister to Germany that summer. They stopped at a really low budget hotel on the highway. He was 6 years old. He remembers he couldn’t sleep that night because of the sound of the highway. The next day, his father and him played soccer in the parking lot while his sister and mom were hanging out on the grass.

Suddenly the ball went a little closer to the fences of the parking lot, close to the highway.

On the other side of the highway, he could see another highway hotel. But that one was a fancy one. He could see rich white families in the pool.

He remembers the patio was full of flowers. He was really jealous, and maybe a bit mad at his parents for staying in that low budget one.

He wanted to be on the other side of the highway.

It took him years to understand that he was exactly where he was supposed to be.

Now that he’s older, he’s trying to reclaim the past he never had. He’s trying to change his memories in order to change his future.

But digging the past might bring up unexpected things.’


Munsya’s ‘The Eraser’ series also includes: ‘The Love Below’ ..



Until May 5th, you can see both of these Munsya works at the Mónica Reyes Gallery. They are part of a striking exhibit – ‘While We Wait: Records of Solitude’ – which also includes works by Vancouver artists Anne Briard, Jessica Bushey, and Sarah Delaney.

As we read: ‘The pieces have been produced in the past year while under lockdown during the pandemic, while we are all waiting. Waiting for this pandemic to be over, waiting for borders to reopen, waiting for a vaccine, waiting to see what model or ways of living will manifest themselves after this is over, once this pandemic is over.’

To learn more about the ‘While We Wait: Records of Solitude’ exhibit and its artists:

While We Wait @ Mónica Reyes Gallery

Header” Kriss Munsya, Dreams Tonite from the series: Highway Reflection – The Eraser, 2020, Film edition. Ed. of 10


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Elizabeth Newton