Yellow Flowers + Full Skin Potatoes for 2021

Come New Years Eve day in Peru, you’ll find families dressed in yellow as they bedeck their houses with yellow flowers, streamers, confetti. Yellow is said to be the colour of good luck.

You might also find Peruvians placing three potatoes in reach, but out of sight. Perhaps under a couch, or chair, or low slung table. One potato is fully peeled, one is half-peeled, and one is still fully clad in its skin.

At midnight, the designated householder must reach into the potato nook without looking and pull one out. And make no mistake: the goal is to extract a fully skinned potato. Those who do so are said to be up for a golden, prosperous year. The half-peeled signifies a normal year. And, well, no one wants the fully-peeled potato.

Here’s to a healthy, peaceful, prosperous 2021 filled with love and kindness.

Header: Ambrosius Bosschaart. 1614


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Chrissy Cheung

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton